Scope affirms Asset Management Rating

Real I.S. given AA+ rating again - very high quality

In 2021 as well, independent rating agency Scope affirmed an AA+ rating score for Real I.S.’s asset management. Scope therefore once again attests to the company’s consistently very good quality and competence in real estate asset management, based on the following assessment:

  • Consistently above-average industry expertise and long-standing service to the company by first and second management levels score particularly high.
  • The quality of the investment process, which is anchored in the company’s own sound research, and its institutionalised risk management conform to a very high standard and supported the rating.
  • Owing to a steady stream of management fees, the company presents a very stable income basis with high fixed cost coverage.
  • The rating received further significant support from the above-average operational asset management performance.
  • Scope also paid tribute to the successful development of Real I.S.’s digitalisation strategy in the period under review. This strategy was manifested in a diverse range of digitalisation projects and the setting up of a Digitalisation Board.

Scope Analysis is Europe’s leading company specialised in the rating of funds and asset managers. CommerzReal, DekaBank Geschäftsbereich Immobilien (GFI; Real Estate Arm), WealthCap - Wealth Management Capital Holding GmbH and Deutsche Asset Management were also rated, among others.