Values which determine our action

Real I.S.’s values go to the heart of the company, which determines our business: trust. As a top priority, the trust of investors in us managing their investments responsibly and profitably, the trust of our markets and business partners, the public at large and the trust of BayernLB to which Real I.S. belongs as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Our commitment and awareness of our responsibility, our diligence and down-to-earth approach, our fostering of a partnership of equals and openness to new ideas are defining characteristics of our company. They are the reason for our successful track record of more than twenty-five years in the market and form the basis for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

ACTIVE - Trust ist strengthened by actions

We master current and future challenges by actively tackling them. In approaching the tasks ahead of us, we are solution-oriented and goal-oriented in order to seize opportunities at the right time and minimise risks. However, our proactive approach is always geared to being responsible in accordance with the trust placed in us by our colleagues, investors, the general public, partners and BayernLB.

SOLID - Trust grows on a solid foundation

It is important to us that everything we do is based on a solid foundation. We are a reliable partner and team player for our customers and partners, as well as within the BayernLB group. Our actions meet high professional quality standards at all times -and we carefully examine all relevant facts to arrive at well-informed decisions.

OPEN - Trust thrives on openness

We place great emphasis on an open corporate culture - this also includes openness to new ideas, perspectives and methods. In our dealings with each other, as well as with customers and partners, it goes without saying that our word is our bond - we are always clear and understandable, we are honest, even when the truth may be uncomfortable, and we are cooperative at all times.