Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability as Key Success Factors

Real I.S. has operated successfully in the market for 25 years because we are focused on two principles: circumspect management and the embracing of innovation at all times. Infused with the spirit of a genuine pioneer, Real I.S. has always excelled: for instance, we were the first initiator to offer private investors opportunities from investing in properties in Australia. Our strategy is clearly defined: we implement sustainable investments which generate attractive returns for investors, with manageable risk.

Principle of Quality and Customer Orientation
As part of the Real I.S. Group's quality policy, customer orientation, both internal and external, is firmly anchored in our company and forms the basis of our corporate culture, which puts a process of ongoing review and optimisation at the heart of our products and services.

Sustainability in Real Estate Management

In the context of our strategy which is anchored in sustainability, we also ensure that our products fulfil "green" standards wherever possible. Real I.S. has a long track record in gathering national and international experience in the certifying of real estate. Several properties in Germany and abroad have been awarded prestigious ratings.

Promotion of Science an Innovation
Our targeted promotion of science and young talent is aimed at infusing the sector we operate in with an innovative spirit as a success factor for the future. We are a sponsoring partner of the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) and promote innovative projects run by the European Business School (EBS). In the context of this partnership, Real I.S. donates the "Innovation Award" which is conferred once a year in recognition of students' innovative project ideas. Read more