Products and Solutions geared to the Requirements of Institutional Investors

Real I.S. offers institutional investors property investments as risk-adjusted product solutions with a long-term horizon. These solutions have been launched since 2010 in the form of special funds pursuant to the German Investment Act (InvG) and newly in accordance with the German Investment Code (KAGB). Our international portfolio fund offerings meanwhile range from the BGV series first initiated in 2000 right through to tailored concepts with individual investment strategies.

Real I.S. has operated in the segment of non-listed real estate funds and alternative investment models since 1991. Along with the German savings banks (Sparkassen) and banks from the cooperative sector, company pension schemes and charitable foundations also belong to our institutional investors, among others.

The concept of unlisted funds enables Real I.S. asset managers to pursue an approach oriented towards the long term, free from the influence of short-lived movements in the markets, and to achieve convincing results for investors. With the ability to react flexibly to trends in the market in mind, we conduct analyses on an ongoing basis, evaluate opportunities and risks and, if appropriate, decide on selling at short notice. This is what we understand by active asset management.

Portfolio Funds

Real estate portfolio funds featuring partly blind pool concepts as single funds for individual investors, e.g. as theme funds, suitable for institutional investors with a long-term investment horizon

  • Investment volume of up to around EUR 1 billion

Individual Solutions

Over the last years we have broadend our focus on Investment Solutions, as we give domestic and international investors additional access to high volume property investments in attractive real estate markets - implementable in accordance with customer requirements as an individual mandate or a club deal.

The funds shown on the website of Real I.S. AG, Gesellschaft für Immobilien Assetmanagement, are directed exclusively to German professional and semi-professional investors and are not suitable for private customers.