Active Real Estate asset Management

Diligence and commitment across the entire property life cycle

Real I.S. assumes all management and control tasks across all the phases of a property’s life cycle, from management right through to sale, with our fundamental approach of a long holding period.

In order to react flexibly to trends in the market, we conduct analyses on an ongoing basis, evaluate opportunities and risks and, if appropriate, decide on selling at short notice. This is what we understand by active asset management and what forms the foundation of our long track record in bringing property cycles to a successful conclusion.

In 2022, we actively managed a real estate portfolio comprising more than 189 properties with around 2,99 million sqm. Tasks include maintaining close contact with the tenants, technical expertise and an on-site presence, which requires our asset managers to have broad-based know-how and a certain hands-on mentality

Tenant satisfaction is our quality benchmark

The result of our active portfolio management is a consistently high letting rate, which can only be achieved on a sustained basis by an exceptionally high annual occupancy rate. Surveys carried out independently show that our tenants are very satisfied with Real I.S.’s asset management. 

Letting rate as % of portfolio (2.99 m sqm)

Real Estate Assets under Management 2022

Real Estate Assets under Management 2022 | Usage types

Real I.S.’s portfolio with its various usage types continues to diversify –  office properties still in focus.