Capital Investment

Real I.S. develops innovative fund offers tailored to the needs of both institutional and private investors. Both groups benefit from synergy effects which arise from experience in the two different market sectors. Being part of the BayernLB Group and possessing in-depth know-how enable Real I.S. to deliver concepts and customised investment products which cater to the different needs of both investment communities.

Synergy effects deliver advantages for both investor groups.

Shared knowledge is big knowledge

Additional benefit is reaped from Real I.S.'s strong market position and significance. Consequently, its procurement operations are more effective, which enables the company to offer more attractive products to investors. Moreover, it gives security: customers of Real I.S. can place their trust long term in the professional management of their capital investment.

Another crucial aspect is securing optimum return on investment for investors. This is not seen as yield in absolute terms but as conceiving a flawless fiscal concept which will deliver the most attractive ROI/risk ratio possible on an investment. This process never loses sight of the need to fulfil the very specific and different investment requirements of institutional investors on the one hand and private customers on the other.