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About Real I.S.


Real I.S. AG places great importance on ethical, responsible and sustainable conduct and commits to adhering to laws, regulations and internal company guidelines. In order to counteract potential risks from compliance violations at an early stage and thereby safeguard the reputation and security of Real I.S., we have set up a whistleblower system. This ensures a fair and careful procedure towards whistleblowers and whistleblowing subjects.

Disclosures are subject to the highest confidentiality and the identity of the whistleblower is kept secret as far as the law allows.

Internal whistleblowers can and should contact the compliance officers with their disclosure and questions by telephone, in writing or in person.

The Real I.S. whistleblower system is also available to external whistleblowers. If required, please contact:

Real I.S. AG
Innere Wiener Straße 17
81667 Munich, Germany

Please note that the whistleblower system is not a channel to submit complaints regarding services. In addition, we point out that the whistleblower system is used exclusively to identify violations of the law and breaches of regulatory or internal requirements at an early stage. Misuse for other purposes may result in consequences.