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Scope confirms asset management rating

Real I.S. awarded another AA+ rating  very good quality

In 2022, independent rating agency Scope again confirmed the AA+ rating for Real I.S.’s asset management. Scope has therefore once more attested to the company's very good quality and competence in real estate asset management and justifies this rating as follows:

  • Consistently well above-average industry expertise and seniority of the first and second management levels score positively.
  • The quality of the investment processes based on the company's own sound research, flanked by institutionalized risk management, meets a very high standard and has positively supported the rating.
  • The company can demonstrate a very stable revenue base with high fixed cost coverage due to a continuous flow of management fees.
  • The rating continues to be substantially supported by the above-average operational asset management performance.
  • Scope also acknowledges the successful further development of Real I.S.'s digitalization strategy in the reporting period, as evidenced by the implementation of a wide range of digitalization projects and the establishment of a digitalization board.

Scope Analysis is the leading European company for rating funds and asset managers. Among others, CommerzReal, DekaBank Real Estate Business Division (GFI), WealthCap – Wealth Management Capital Holding GmbH and Deutsche Asset Management were evaluated.